Basic Windsurfing Safety


Windsurfing pic


Chairman of the SIMA Corporation and the rest of the SIMA umbrella of companies, James P. Knell of Santa Barbara, California, has been working in the real estate industry for more than four decades. An avid water sports fan, James P. Knell of Santa Barbara, CA, enjoys such activities as wind surfing.

Wind surfing can be an exciting and enjoyable activity, but it can also be extremely dangerous when basic safety procedures are ignored. Generally, staying safe begins with planning a windsurfing trip. Before going out to the water, windsurfers should check local reports for weather and tidal forecasts. This ensures they are not caught in rough waters or dangerous areas. However, even when reports are clear, windsurfers should not go out by themselves. When going alone is unavoidable, windsurfers can improve their safety by telling someone else where they plan on sailing and when they expect to return.

Once at the water, individuals must check all of their windsurfing gear for potential problems. Boards should be checked for any damage that may increase their risk of breaking, while the mast-foot must be checked for cracks and other damage. Further, windsurfers must inspect their outhaul and downhaul ropes for wear, check the sailcloth for rips and tears, and make sure there is no damage that may break the mast. Beyond checking the windsurfing kit, windsurfers need to wear clothing that fits the weather conditions and make sure they have plenty of water for hot and humid days.


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